Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gussied Up Photo Frame

Hey there everyone! Today was my day off, so I baked some cookies and watched some t.v. and redid this nifty little picture frame!

Now this frame is SUPER cheap, as in it doesn't even have a stand on the back to prop the frame up. Before this little redo it was sort a lovely muddy brown with a gold stripe around the edges. Tell me about it- super fashionable. Nothing a little paint and glitter can't fix!

A little coat of white paint, some Mod Podge and some glitter and soooo much better! :) I have more than a few picture frames around the apartment that are... less than pretty. To say the least. Maybe it's time for a makeover for all!

Anywho, tomorrow I'll be working in the morning, but in the evening time I'll be making another batch of cookies for that charity bake sale I mentioned last week, so check back for a baking post! And get excited, because I'm sharing an old family recipe for which you will be forever grateful! :)  Happy Tuesday, darlings!

Much love always!
P.s. I'm thinking of doing a little giveaway, what do you guys think? Give me your thoughts in the comments!
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