Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Glasses Talk. Are You Sick Of It Yet?

Hi folks! I had a super dope night at work, as usual, but a late night to be sure. So just a short post tonight!

Remember all that glasses talk from a few weeks ago. If you do, then you know that I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of cats eye glasses. It's a toughie, because even though lots of glasses makers have hopped on the vintage/retro inspired train, finding the right shape, width, height, color, etc takes hours of trolling the interwebs. So I was on Pinerest today, doing it up, and I realized that I completely forgot about one of my favorite bloggers and her TO DIE FOR glasses.

Keiko Lynn! The picture is taken from this post on her blog (which is freaking amazing, by the way. If you haven't gotten over there yet, PLEASE do. She's incredible.). I followed all of her little linksies and found the glasses!

Now, these are Ray Bans... In other words, more than a wee bit expensive for a watiressing girl like me. Maybe with some profitable weekends and saving up some money I can afford them (or maybe they'll see this post and I'll get my first sponsor!), but we'll see! If you guys have any other super neat places to find cat eye glasses, let me know!

That's all for now, loves! The second batch of colored glass jars is in the oven and I get to work another late night tomorrow. How are you guys finishing up your weekend? :)

Much love always!
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