Friday, March 5, 2010

Jim Van Gelderen Revival Meetings: post 7!!

Last night was the teen rally night--AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!

The night started off with games and fun stuff, then we did the pizza part....

we...only....ordered...ten...pizzas...and we had over 40 kids!! So then we had to order ten more pizza from pizza hut. I felt bad for Mike, he had to drive out and get all of them, and then when he got back to the church, he had to leave again right away to the other ten pizzas we had just ordered!! : )

Anyway--Nate took all 40+ kids to the teen room (haha) and then some of the college kids (and me and Bryce) did a skit for them whil they ate. There was NO pizza left last night.

Nate ended the night with a message from God's Word and 6 teens went for counselling!! I'm not sure how many actually got saved, but it was just awesome to see the Lord work. : )

I'm sorry I didn't post last night, I'm not feeling good as I said earlier.

Tonight will be our last service!! : (
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