Friday, March 5, 2010

Jim Van Geldren Revival Meetings: post 8!!

The last post for the Jim Van Gelderen Revival Meetings.

So tonight Dr. Van Gelderen preached on Romans chapter 7, all about us as christians saying "no" to God and "yes" our flesh.

First, the consequences:
1) There is a deadening effect spiritually, when we say no to God and yes to our flesh.
2) "sold under sin"; There is a bondage that comes when we say not to God and yes to our flesh

Second, The Silver Lining:
1) "I'm weak, and I am always weak"
2) "He [God] is strong and he will always be strong" (the answer in Romans 7:25 and Philippians 4:13)

The Point: In our weakness, to trust God in His strength.

It was a really awesome message, but I'm still sad that revival has to be over and the team has to leave. : ( Mike playing the piano was kind of like having Ryan back for a week. : )

Still, the Lord worked in hearts (mine especially) and it was amazing to see. : )

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