Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ginger, Carrot Top, Cherry- Bring It On!

What's up guys?! Sunday was rough, Monday wasn't terrible (I had off of work-go figure) and today was positively normal! Hooray!

My adventures yesterday consisted of visiting some family annnnnnnnnd... dyeing my hair!

I've been dyeing my hair for the last 5 years, bouncing back and forth between dark brown, light brown (my natural color) and, most recently, red. I made the gigantic oops of bleaching (!) my hair before dyeing it red about 2 months ago- never again. My hair wasn't as awfully damaged as I thought it would be, but the red seeped out of my hair sooo quickly. Finally, last week i got fed up enough to admit that I needed to redye it. Like, as soon as possible. So I wiffled and I waffled between red, dark brown, red, dark brown... I took a Facebook poll (the results of which were red, of course) and I was still undecided. Until I looked at myself in the mirror last Wednesday and I just KNEW... It had to be red.

Now, we all know that you're not supposed to dye your hair when it's freshly washed, which for me is only about every 8 or 9 days (more on that some other time). So I waited til Monday (hair washing day) and took my happy little butt to Sally's Beauty Supply.

Yes, that's FOUR boxes of hair dye and an 8 ounce bottle of developer- don't judge me. I have a LOT of hair. This stuff looks WICKED when it's all mixed up.

And then you just paint it on like you're painting a house! Kind of. And then you wait...

And maybe eat a hot dog. :)

Once you've waited long enough (and I wait a looong time) you get to rinse it out and have fun with your great new hair color! It's like magic! :) Unfortunately you'll have to wait for updated pictures as I had to work this morning and then had to super glue my thumbnail back together (no bueno). Tomorrow perhaps, when I show you what I did with my nifty little denim jacket from Wal-mart! Until then... have a good Tuesday!

Much love always!
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