Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Movie Review: Walk Of Shame

Howdy folks! :)

Hopefully everyone's day was absolutely fantastic! It was first night back to work so I kind of skipped out on the sewing today (don't hate me!) and decided to do a little movie review!

Walk of Shame is a movie starring Elizabeth Banks and James Marsden. The story is of a woman (Banks) who spends an incredibly rough night enduring the world's longest (while hilarious) walk of shame after a drunk night with a stranger (Marsden). Our main girl, Megan, is a news anchor in line for a gigantic promotion when her fiancee leaves her. When her friends come around to show her a night on the town she gets word that her promotion has gone to someone else. After countless rounds of shots and a crazy night with Gordon (Marsden), Megan learns that her bosses have changed their tune and the promotion is hers!... As long as she can get to news station and perform the most important newscast of her life under the scrutiny of her superiors. The next 12 or so hours that follow are filled with some of the wildest, funniest, most ridiculous mishaps ever to grace a silver screen. We find our heroine (questionable title) everywhere from a crack house in the hood to a Jewish Chabad. To be sure there's no shortage of fun and laughs in Walk of Shame, combined with the just right amount of misery on Banks' account which makes this movie a definite oughta-watch if you're needing a laugh. :)

What movies have you guys gotten into lately? Leave any noteworthy titles and thoughts in the comments below!

Much love always!
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