Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Finished Product: Done With My Dress Refashion!

Hiya! Hopefully you all had a pretty spectacular Thursday. As for me, I got to work a whole bunch. You know, refilling drinks and running food and whatnot. Should I decide to write a book it would probably be titled 'The Exciting Life of a 22 Year Old Waitress'. Take note, folks. This is fascinating stuff. :)

So today's post is the final installment of my dress refashion! I'm crazy excited to share the finished product with you!

Okay, so when I left off the other day all that needed to be done was to finish sewing up the sleeves and to alter the neckline. I wanted to keep the scoop neck, but lower it a bit. So I used that nifty little tip I showed you the other day and cut some notches in the fabric to maintain that lovely rounded shape. ( I also forgot to take a picture of that process- my bad!)

And voila! So much more adorable than it was when I bought it- at least, I think so. To be honest, I was super worried about the neckline, but I really love how it turned out! The waist is a little higher than I would like and the front of the skirt hangs just a bit...weird. So I'm toying with the idea of making a sash with the trimmings. Let me know what you think! Otherwise I'm so so pleased with how it finished up! I don't do patterns and I don't really measure stuff so I'm always a wee bit terrified that my projects are going to turn out grotesque. But today is not that day! :)

Next up is that denim jacket I mentioned the other day. Stay tuned on that front. It should be interesting! What are you guys working on this weekend? Any special projects or crafts on the horizon? :)

Much love always!
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