Thursday, April 17, 2008

ok so i went to church last and the first person to mention my haircut is RYAN!!! you go, kid!!!! and then Matthew got contacts---how kewl is that!!?!!! i told him he should like MONTHS ago, and now he has----palabra, hijo!!!!! lolz--anywayz the reason i was talking about fashion was because i was thinking of Audrey Hepburn the other day; that and it bugs me to see people that can't dress themselves. Ryan, you can dress yourself very well--you an Matthew --i applaud you both :-) i have to work today, and i'm only halfway excited, because i have nothing to look forward to until Saturday, and then we are reading To Kill a Mockingbird in lit comp right now, and we have been having lots discussions about the south. Almost all of the input coming from people who have never set foot below the mason-dixon border,, which while it amuses immensely it's also quite annoying-the way they never know what they're talking about. so while i'm here i just want to say:
1)southerners are not stupid
2) our teeth do not rot from all the sugar in our tea (Matthew)
3) we know how to speak "correctly" if sounds like we aren't it's because you have been taught wrong
5) we are not prejudiced--at least most of us aren't
6) i love you guys!!!
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