Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"i dont think i've ever had champagne before breakfast before--with breakfast on several occasions"

"i've just had the most wonderful idea--we'll spend the whole doing things we've never done before! we'll take turns- you, then me. of course i can't think of anything i've never done before."

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's---it's an amazing movie---everyone should see it if they get the chance if i ever had a role model it would be her--but whats the point??? one of the things i admire about her is her sense of style she was so pretty!!! and she knew how to dress herself. . . . it irks me to no end when people are afraid to wear things, just because they think someone might think they're "weird". wear what you wear because you want to, not because it's "cool" or "popular" and be classy ----- it makes no sense if they don't match AT ALL ok like-no more than 3 colors and that might seem ridiculous to some, but any more doesn't make sense and less than you just look bland and uninteresting lolz---i'm sure matthew and ryan are just ENTHRALLED with my fahsion advice thats ok--i'm done tryin to talk some sense into you guys---b/c matthew just walks away!!!!!
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