Monday, July 14, 2014

Pull-apart Pizza Bread

HI you guys! I missed you all! Sorry for the little hiatus, it was a rough couple of days to say the least. But I'm back! With all kinds of fun stuff coming this week! Hopefully you weren't thrown in to total despair by my absence. And in hopes of garnering your forgiveness- a cooking post!

I've seen this recipe floating around on Pinterest for a while now, even repinned it (twice), but somehow never got around to making it. In other words I have a really picky fiancee and IF I made it I would be making it just for myself. :) But tonight's the night! I wanted to try a new recipe and this one popped into my head immediately.

I bought the cheapie biscuits that come in a 4 pack at Walmart, but only used 2 of the cans since I was making a smaller version in a loaf pan, instead of the full-size version in a bundt pan. I also subbed in 1 stick of melted butter instead of olive oil because, as usual, I forgot to get it when we went grocery shopping. Go figure!

Cut up your biscuits and your pepperoni, toss them in a bowl with some mozz, some parmesan and Italian seasoning and pop it in the oven!

Serve it up with some pizza sauce and you're super bueno! :)

Thankfully I have off of work again tomorrow, so I'm hoping to share some sewing posts with you this week! Remember that denim jacket I was supposed to be working on? Yea. I haven't touched it since last week. Yikes! I also haven't fixed my pants or altered my black skirt. Color me all kinds of lazy. I know. Hopefully these last few days have been a bit more productive for you than they have for me! What are you guys up to tonight? And more importantly, what did you have for dinner? Share your favorite recipes down below!

Much love always!
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