Friday, July 4, 2014

Obsessed. Like, Mega Obsessed. And Happy Fourth Of July!

Hiya lovelies! Happy Birthday, America! Hopefully you're all out enjoying those fireworks tonight. Enjoy some for me, as I will be at work! Yay!

 I know I've mentioned my tendency to go a little... crazy. Get a little... obsessed. :) Maybe more than a little. Which is okay! Healthy (?) even! No judgement here, obsess away.

This week I'm focused on something- someone- super amazing. Someone I actually forgot I was obsessed with! I'm sure you're all as in love with the phenomenon that is Zooey Deschanel. I mean, come on, who couldn't love this little lady!

Seriously?! Who gets to look like that?! If you've been with this blog for any amount of time, or know me personally, you've seen my 'Zooey Deschanel cut/color' hairdo. She constantly inspires me with those terrific bangs! And her style is to die for.

She's so vintage-y and retro and adorable! To be perfectly honest, she makes me want to wear red, navy and stripes ALL THE TIME. I love stealing little style tidbits from her. It never fails, as soon as I see a picture of her street style or a movie still I inevitably end up trolling Pinterest/Ebay/sewing patterns for anything similar to what she's wearing. Obviously, I'll never be that cute, but I give it my best shot! And I am literally counting down the days until New Girl returns for its fourth season this fall on Fox! :)

What do you guys think of Zooey? Is there anyone in particular that you admire? Any big July 4th weekend plans? 

Much love always!
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