Friday, May 4, 2012

Okay, just kdding! Haha! I have 2 hours til Brian gets home, so I'm in no rush! :) A few things that deserved to be shared: 1) Shop Sosie. Aka, supreme, wonderful, adorable cheapness. I. Love. It. 2)Brian and I are engaged, but have yet to start planning, or even pick a date! I'm at a loss. How does one begin these sort of things?? Help anyone? Drop me a line 3)Walmart. Lame, I know. But some of their basic lightweight dresses this season are AH-dorable. :) 4) AND... My new Reef Bella Costas!! so crazy worth the money and BEYOND adorable. Like Rachel on the first season of Glee... Yes, THAT adorable. And hateable. Hateable? Hatable? Hmm... I've finally come to a word I couldn't spell.. google it. :)
Soooooo anywho... I think I'm going to sign off. For real this time. I've enjoyed my short time with you. I'll be back as soon as I can. <3
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