Friday, October 29, 2010


So as I'm sitting here in Bob Jones' Mac lab, Ryan makes this suggestion: "You should write something about me." So I said "OK".

Ryan is so cool. He is the greatest. No, really- he is. He's a great artist and right now he's working on this amazing collage/piano thing. It's mega-cool. Ryan plays soccer. He's really good at soccer. Last night he scored the only goal for his team. They lost, but that's all right, because Ryan is still the GREATEST SOCCER PLAYER EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!! And then he and another guy bonked (haha, *bonked*) heads. But Ryan was SO tough- he just got back up and started playing again. And their team lost anyway. But like I said-that's cool.

Okay, enough about Ryan. This blog is mine again. : )
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