Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogging..... sometimes it's okay to NOT think too hard about it

SO I was reading on A Cat of Impossible Colour this afternoon, and she posted this bit of post from her friend's blog. I thought it was pretty hilarious, so I figured I'd pass it on:

"The non-internet equivalent of blogging is pretty much shouting at a whole lot of people at once and none of them are allowed to interrupt. And they are allowed to leave ... but some of them follow you. Around. Wherever you go. Waiting for you to turn around and shout at them again. Blogging just got really weird for me right then. But it would be pretty awesome if you could get all your followers in one place at one time, and they just ... followed you.

And I guess the non-internet equivalent of Twitter is running into a room and shouting, "I just saw a car with the numberplate DUM455!!!" and then running out again. And then running back in five minutes later to tell everyone about your sore toe. And then running back again five minutes later to express your thoughts on last night's episode of American Idol."
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