Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPRING!!!! Part 1

SO it's almost that time of year, right after fashion week, but before spring has actually started, when EVERYONE and I mean EEVVEERRYYOONNEE has started thinking about spring-and the change of clothing it brings. SO I thought I would blog about SPRING! And also FASHION IN--SPRINGGG!!!

First things first!!

The actual day when spring begins is: Saturday, March 20th! Isn't that a phenomenal day for spring to start? Really--it's a SATURDAY of all days and- HEY!- who knew it was so close, right? NEXT SATURDAY TO BE EXXAACCT!!! : )

Second things second. : )

Things that happen in spring: it rains (alot, depending on where you are (viz.-WISCONSIN)), flowers grow again (yay! pretty!). and of course... THE SPRING COLLECTIONS ARE RELEASED! not that thats so important, i just thought i would mention it. : )

Speaking of spring-y fashion-y things, I was at Target today (and yes, it's still cool to call it Tar-jay) and i was sort of more th
an a little impressed with some of their spring dresses.

OK-and there were some other ones that i saw, but really didn't cut it, as far as modesty is concerned ; ). I even tried on a few, didn't work out.... OK!
: )

Let's just not talk about it!
: )
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