Thursday, March 11, 2010

My BAKE-less adventure! haha! (follow-up post for my no-bake recipe)

SO the day i posted my no-bake recipe, I did end up baking a batch!

AND, and-I photo-documented my journey!!

Number one: the recipe!! (along with some various ingredients : ) )

Number two: my three cups of peanut butter,yes-i know thats a MASSIVE amount of peanut butter!!

Number three: all ingredients combined in the pot over heat!
Mmm! Doesn't that look yummy!!!

Number four: all my oats in a big (note-HUGE) bowl!

Number five: Lexi and I were having fun (please ignore my makeup-less face, thank you) : )

Number six: BOIL, BOIL, BOIL!!! And although you can't see it, the timer on the microwave is going. : )

AND right after this is right about when Mrs. Neal shows up to pick up the kids. :
So i'm running upstairs to get Lexi's socks and trying to help her get the kids together, WHILE MY MIX IS STILL SITTING IN THE POT! And this stuff likes to set up quick, so what do i do
I do NOT crack under pressure. I.........THINK ON MY FEET!! : ) I set the pot back on the burner on the lowest heat setting, just to keep it from hardening and HOPE it doesn't make my cookies not set up.

Number...(i don't even know what number we're on).. SEVEN(!!!): into the bowl, all of you!

Number eight: dropping onto wax paper. : )

Number nine: PERFECTION!! (doesn't that look fake?)

Thus ends miy no-bakejourney through FLAVOR-TOWN!! (did you like that?)
Good Night!! : )
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