Monday, March 1, 2010

Jim Van Geldren Revival Meetings: post 3!!

SO, okay- i have to admit that the night did NOT start out right...

Right before i left, there was a bit of friction between my mom and I. But the Lord worked, nontheless.

Dr. Van Geldren preached on "Satan's Sifting of the Saints." All about how Satan will throw doubts our way, whether it's about our witnessing efforts, suffering, whatever!! The Lord really got me when Dr. Van Geldren started talking about witnessing. About us believing John 4:35, that talks about the fields being "white unto harvest", and about souls being ready to be saved, but we don't go into it EXPECTING to REALLY see souls reached for Christ.

And of course there were other aspects to his sermon, but thats what really struck me.

Tomorrow I'm going canvassing with Nate and Querubim, down near that McDonalds by the high school. I'll let you know how that goes. : )

Thus ends the Jim Van Geldren Revival Meetings: post 3!!!! : )
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