Monday, April 14, 2008

there are alot of things i want to do---i want to go to Europe, i want to grow closer to GOD until i die, i want to leave the country, i want to get married, i want to become someone, i want to change the world--starting with myself. How is that for deep?????? if i tell you something it's because i want you to listen; i want you to stand still and tell me what you think of what i say. i have opinions, and sometimes thats not always such a good thing, but i will not back down from what i believe and i just want you to know----I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! :-) haha--there are so many things i want to say to each one of you . . . i don't have the time!! haha---but you should all know that you ARE AMAZING and He made you that way for a purpose . . . not sure why--just wanted to blog about that today . . :-)
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