Monday, April 14, 2008

i don't have anything amazingly deep to say but i do think about alot and i think up until about five seconds ago i had forgotten that i am a brilliant person and that what i say IS important even if nobody cares, and that i should put what i think out there instead of trying to hide myself from everyone else because they MAY or MAY NOT think of me a certain way or because it MAY or MAY NOT change their view of me i have come to the conclusion that i simply do not CARE!! and it is a wonderful feeling because i realize that if i just let myself go on i generally become more aware of 1) myself and 2)what EXACTLY goes on inside my head guess what??? i would like to tell all of you something, and whether you care, and whether you believe is entirely up to you: i am smart, i am beautiful, i am loved, i am being waited for, i have been protected, i have been held by the hand of GOD, i AM being held in the hand of GOD, i have class, i have friends, i have come through alot of things through the strength of GOD, i am not alone, i have people that love me, i love myself, i don't care what you think of me, i care what i think of myself, i care what Jesus thinks of me, and NO MATTER WHAT I GO THROUGH IT IS ALL TO MAKE ME JUST LIKE HIM!!!

thank you
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