Monday, November 19, 2007

ok----so i'm sittin here at school and me and . . .beth,,,we are talkin here about this guy and she says no, but i say yes so it's kind of difficult, cuz shes known him since her 8th grade summer and idk--she says she wouldn't do it if she were me---and i'm typing this as shes saying it, so it's very difficult to keep up!--CAN YOU SLOW DOWN PLEASE!!!! i'm jk--shes already talkin and apparently shes sore---how interesting--would you mind telling us why you're sore, beth???

Beth:cuz i had to feed the stupid horses, well they're not stupid-i love my horses, but . . we had to move 1000 pund bales of hay--which aren't fun!!

Zoe: thank you beth--that was a very interesting comment--all of us here at the HS wish a quick and speedy recovery from your stupid horse feeding soreness!

Beth: thank you, thank you ever so much,,,,i hope to see you all again soon, when i am not so sore! THANK YOU!!!!!!

yes yes--wonderful Beth . . .
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