Monday, July 7, 2014

Altering A Denim Jacket: Part 1!

Hey folks! I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! I spent 97% of mine at work, of course. And I didn't get to see any fireworks! :( Hopefully you all caught some for me.

And today- a sewing post! Finally! I know, I was slackin'- don't hate me! Anywho, I told you guys about the denim jacket I got at Walmart a few years ago and it was WAY too big for me (curse you, inconsistent Walmart sizing!). Now resizing a garment is tricky (or so I've heard) so I figured I'd share some little things I did with you guys. First, pay attention to the original construction of the garment. Darts, seaming, etc. Anything you change is going to affect the look and shape of the piece.

See all those darts! Not to mention the seaming- I took in another 3 inches on each side (you can't really see that from the outside).

So much extra! I separated the waist band from the rest of the jacket because I wanted to shorten it a wee bit. After taking in all those inches on the body of the jacket the waist band was obviously too long, but I didn't want to cut the waist band sew it back together, sooo... I decided to snip it in the middle and let the excess overlap. I know, tell me again how lazy I am. Whatever. :)

Update finished for now! I have darts to put in a skirt, work pants to fix (hole in the inner thigh- the bane of my existence) and friends to meet for dinner! What have you guys been up to? Besides recovering from this past weekend. Any fun and exciting projects?

Much love always!
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