Monday, September 27, 2010

Blog Awards-courtesy of Hiking in Stilettos

The lovely lady behind Hiking in Stilettos (her name escapes me, apologies!!) extended these blog awards to all of her readers and I thought they were extremely sweet, so I decided to take advantage of her kind invitation and post myself!

Name your three best memories:
Sitting on my bed with my mom showing her my button "collection" when I was ten.
Buying my Vans checkerboard slip-ons when I turned fifteen. (such a classic-I still have those shoes, and every time I wear them (yes, I still do) they bring back all kinds of fun memories)
The last time Autumn, Hannah and I spent the night together and we were doing all kinds of weird dance moves. : )

Name five things you can't live without:
Diet Dr. Pepper (duh)
wonderful friends/family around me to give me good advice
bread-I'm such a carb-lover!!

What is the best thing about being a woman?
being able to bat my eyelashes and people do whatever I asked them to. : )

Name four of the best fiction books you have ever read:
Jane Eyre
Alice in Wonderland
Ender's Game

State an interesting fact about yourself:
I like blowing bubbles...until I get light-headed. Seriously, it's something I never grew out of....
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