Friday, August 20, 2010

Impatience and Randomocity

SO while I'm sitting here waiting for something to happen ( I would make something happen, if I thought it wasn't going to rain) I figured I could post about something. I'm not sure what I should post about, nothings been going on.

I got a lot of things right with the Lord this morning, some sin issues that I wasn't taking care of.

I hope to make some Dog Food this afternoon, so that might be another post in the making-not real sure yet.
Very pleased with the amount in the bank. Never had that much money before.

I'm in the process of reading Tom Sawyer, and I have to say my favorite part thus far is when Judge Thatcher asks him the names of the first two disciples and Tom yells out "David and Goliath!" Funny stuff. ☺

Whats been going on with you during this inconsistent season??
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