Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer: Movie Nights

SO these pictures start at the end of the night, so if you want the real schedule of events, start at the bottom of the post.... and if you care, then carry on!!

Joe and Kodiak looking for Kodiak's keys which Ryan just tossed.

Kodiak emerging from the bushes looking somewhat dazed....

...But victorius with his keysss!!!!!!!


Joe and Hannah messing around after Hannah kissed him. Too bad his hand was blocking that picture!!

Awwww....sibling love!! Joe's face is priceless!!!

Ryan again!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO-Kodiak you're not supposed to look at the camera!! Actually I think I said something like "Candid shots are better!!" : )
Ah, that's better.
Joe-- I don't know what we were all talking about.....

Hannah was being really goofy. : )

happy Libby talking to Sam!!

I just realized all these pictures are in the exact reverse order as what they were taken...huh.
Great movie, by the way: Monsters vs. Aliens..... soooo funny. : )
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