Monday, March 15, 2010

Kennebunk Port

Have we talked about how much I love the Kennebunk Port dress?

Well, nows as good a time as any!!

I love all the lines here. It's super-classy and simple and gorgeous!!!! Actually they have another here, let me go look...

Yup!! Here it is!! OK-so normally I'm a purple freak, but I'm actually sort of leaning towards the Navy one, here.....

Anyways--These dresses keep going out of stock at Modcloth, so every time I see them come back in stock I sort of freak out a little inside, but then it's like "AGHHH! 62.99??" Right now they're both in stock, and I would LOVE to get one, BUT THAT WOULD NOT BE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE AS I HAVE TO BUY A CAR AAANNDD PAY FOR COLLEGE!

: )

It was just a thought...
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