Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have to say that I think that people think that I'm totally retro--like it's "retro-or-no-go"
(haha-that was pretty clever considering that just came off the top of my head) (oh come on! )

But really when I think about it, I can't really place myself in one fashion decade-- So, okay- I love the well-tailored, feminine style of the fifties, but i also find myself liking the erratic prints of the seventies, and the sort of lady-like rebellion of the sixties..... And so I just found myself thinking, "what would I describe my style as??"

And I had to THINK!! Weird- You would think I would have an immediate answer, this being me and all ; ), but NO!! SO I actually came up with a list of words that I thought would be appropriate.


Relaxed (part of the time)

Well-tailored ( see above reference to the fifties)

Vintage or vintage-inspired

Romantic is another word that comes to mind, but i'm not sure if thats me all the time-most likely thats just me, in my brain : )

I also have to say that, honestly, words like 'quirky' and 'weird' come to mind, but I think thats mostly just because thats what some people would say about my style (the names Joe and Matthew and Kodiak come to mind *ahem**)

: )

But really, it was just a thought.... what would YOU say my style is??

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