Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is something i forgot to post about several weeks ago... A very tragic event that, i am sad to say, has marred me for life....
It's the night of 'Melodies of the New Song'. I had decided several weeks before that i was going to attempt to play my piano solo in front of the entire church for the first time. I sang with one group and then went to the piano bench to begin my piece....I had been having some problems with the fingering at the top of the second page, but tried not to think about it. However, I soon realised that I should have spent a little more time with this particular piece of music. I played through the first page with no major mishaps, but when i reached the top of that second page...I totally botched it. I just kept pounding out the wrong chords until finally, i couldn't even figure where i was in the piece! I just STOPPED PLAYING and said "sorry". AWFUL!! Praise God I had a repeat so I went back to the beginning of the song and played again...I got to the SAME SPOT on the top of the SECOND PAGE.......and I BOTCHED IT AGAIN!!!... It's sufficient to say that i was totally mortified and spent the rest of the service in the bathroom crying while also praising God that Julie wasn't there, because quite frankly..... i'm pretty sure she would have killed me for stopping and saying sorry.
So anyways....that was my plan to try and get used to playing in front of people...and it totally fell through. Unfortunately i had no 'plan B'... But as long as it's all to the glory of God....... : )
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