Thursday, May 8, 2008

ok so i am like so TOTALLY!! bored b/c there is abs nothing to do hay nada que hacer ikeees!!! lolz--so newayz Hailey is here right beside me watching the computer screen like shes just waiting for me to talk about her--AND I HAVE!!!!!! YAAAAAY!! HAILEY!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!! i am soo-o-o-ooo-ooo bored so newayz--i have been doing my homework i'm so ashamed i'm sorry, Ryan it looks like our club is no more we should start a new club!! like the hotdog on wheels club or maybe the . . . "your little brothers in youth group club!!!" haha--i could not actually join that one buh it seems like a good idea una idea buena lolz so newayz--i will not be going to the academy next year---yes, i noe you're rejoicing, ---- and i have to go now---i love you guyssss!
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