Saturday, November 17, 2007

ok so we were all on the church bus and whatever and i'm sittin in the back seat w/ chris and susanna and i'm tellin susanna some secret or somethin and chris is like"(blah blah blah, cuz people always KEEP ME IN THE FOG" and i'm like--"i think you mean 'in the dark', hon" and so then
Chris: (blah blah blah)(i forgot what exactly it was she said)
Susanna: well, too bad you're in the "fog" (raisees eyebrow--not making eye contact w/ neone)

(laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh)(can't breath)

my goodness . . . what is WRONG w/ all you peopl?????!

honestly . .. but i was the only that found it funny . . so you people can't pronounce the name of your state properly, nor do you have a sense of humour . ...
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