Thursday, July 3, 2014

Something I Just Recently Rediscovered!

Hey folks! How was your Thursday? I spent the morning at work, and I'll be spending the evening sewing (more on that later this weekend)!

I was trolling the blogosphere late last night (as per usual) and stumbled across one of Mel's old posts on Idee Geniale in which she talks about.... We Love Colors!

I haven't done any ootd/style posts (yet. Hold your breath. It's coming), but I ADORE tights (yes, I know, it's summer, whatever). I'm such a dress girl, so my tights are totally priceless, taking me through those chilly- nay, arctic Wisconsin winters. Throw me on some tights, a dress, a cardi and some boots and I am so bueno. I'm all over the black/grey/mega-neutral tights- like a fiend. A neutral tights fiend! :) But even just briefly visiting We Love Colors website makes me want to buy every color of tights under the sun- even if I don't have anything to go with them! 

The scarlet red and the lurex tights?! I mean, come on, who doesn't want legs that either a, are sparklier than Elizabeth Taylor's decolletage (may she rest in peace) or b, glow with the fiery redness of the sun! Super legit. And I have to say that, although I'm enjoying this blessed sun and warmth and whatnot I'm already starting to pining for fall and winter temps! I told you- vicious cycle. :)

What about you guys, are you as totally obsessed with tights as I am? What are your favorite cold weather style staples? Share me your thoughts in the comments!

Much love always!

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